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Creative lead while working at LESS+MORE. For over 20 years, Cassandra has been the leading ongoing study of emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior. Cassandra empowers Fortune 500 companies through trend forecasting, research, strategy, and marketing services.


We worked collaboratively with the talented Cassandra team to redefine the brand. Our team created a new brand platform, internal pillars, a mission statement, values, tone of voice, and visual design language to push the brand forward and rally the team together.


After presenting several concepts we strategically moved toward a statement that summarized the power Cassandra’s insights, reports, and events could unlock for high-level marketing teams and business owners. To understand youth is to see the future.


We started by updating the Cassandra type mark with a new font. We then introduced some completely new design elements. First, we introduced a simple "eyecon" that is used when talking about the report's ability to see into the future. Our design team also introduced a chevron that represents The Cassandra Report's "Future Forward" vision.


One of Cassandra’s key offerings is building custom presentations for Fortune 500 companies. We created dozens of keynote templates that the brand experience teams could leverage when building robust presentations.

Our team provided Cassandra with all the tools they needed to relaunch. We gave them visual suggestions for web, email, sales sheets, stationery, and bold swag items. 


Jeremy Backo
1051 Loring Street
San Diego CA, 92109

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