PUMA x Subaru

After the inaugural season of the PUMA and Subaru Rallycross Team, we sent executives a book that would re-cap all the work Wasserman Media Group did to launch the new team into the world of Rallycross. The goal from the start was to make a lot of people at the PUMA and Subaru offices have a big "wow" moment as they reflected on our year-long partnership.


I worked collaboratively with Creative Director Mark Hibdon to conceptualize and design this project. It was packaged in an authentic fuel cell-shaped box and the re-cap report was removed to reveal a custom wrapped bottle of moonshine. The final product was a comprehensive piece that summarized the year and made a lasting impact.


To help unveil the 2012 PUMA Rallycross team, my team at Wasserman Creative worked to produce a launch video introducing the drivers and eye-catching car graphics. Creative Director Mark Hibdon deserves so much credit on this video, he had a great vision for it early on and he pushed everyone involved to truly realize it. It was a lot of fun! 


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