American Wave Machines

Creative lead while working at LESS+MORE. American Wave Machines designs, engineers and manufactures world-class wave pools and surf parks. We worked to update brand tools and create a simple website to help sell large installations. 

We were enlisted to redesign key touchpoints including their corporate website and various sales decks. We initially established a new brand look and tone. We explored color, typography, imagery, and design, aiming to establish brand standards that would represent the company with distinction.


Targeted sales decks were required to communicate in a succinct manner, while also showcasing the financial opportunity to potential business partners. We focused on presenting the company’s unique value proposition clearly and with flexibility, so the narrative could be honed for specific marketing goals.


The new brand framework empowered us to develop an online presence that better reflected the company’s unique value. The site would need to communicate the benefits and innovation of their products to a sometimes skeptical surf industry. 


Designed to support easy, ongoing updates, the site allows American Wave Machines to regularly lead and contribute to the ongoing conversations around out-of-ocean surfing. Additionally, it serves to boost SEO relative to their area of expertise.


Jeremy Backo
1051 Loring Street
San Diego CA, 92109

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