InterGalactiCon is a comic book and science fiction convention started by fans, for fans. Tired of bloated and overly commercialized conventions, and unimpressed by the poor quality of tiny, one-off amateur cons, founder Steve Kirk decided to launch InterGalactiCon (IGC), a perfectly sized convention for passionate fans. 


The IGC team set out to design a first-rate experience that would be defined by accessibility, intimacy, authenticity, and passion. We were brought in to develop a scalable brand that would support their vision of a convention that would grow to host fans in multiple cities in the coming years. 

We led an in-depth branding process to tease out the things that would make IGC exceptional–the raw materials upon which we construct brand stories. We developed messaging pillars, crafted brand copy (including the now trademarked rallying cry “Free Your Fandom™”), and developed a robust visual identity system built to attract our audience and grow with the business.


A major component of the new brand identity is a series of custom illustrations. After the initial brand concept was chosen, we directed the creation of twelve unique illustrations by Rocky Roark. The illustrations were made to appeal to the brand’s core audiences and represent the various “tribes” of IGC. They share a style and serve as a unifying visual element for the brand.


We developed the brand assets to activate IGC 2018 in the physical space. We created initial flyers and posters to help raise brand awareness and built the multitude of marketing communication and convention pieces required for promotion before, during, and after the first event.

We led Steve and his “guardian council” through a three-phase website design process that started with wireframes and draft copy. We then moved into visual interface design, and finally developed and launched an e-commerce equipped, WordPress website that the IGC team can maintain as the event grows.


The team effort empowered IGC to stand out in a competitive arena and was met with enthusiasm for the first convention. Word spread quickly that there was an exciting new option in the popular comic and sci-fi convention space.


Jeremy Backo
1051 Loring Street
San Diego CA, 92109

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